Commentary on  the work of  Robert Taylor Brewer

"Wonderful writing."

                                                                                     The New Yorker

“You worked very hard on this  piece and we appreciate it."

Vicki Lawrence, Managing Editor, Michigan Quarterly Review

 We found the writing lively and interesting and enjoyed reading it. 

Sven Birkerts, Editor William Pierce, Senior Editor, AGNI

“The writing is accomplished and outstanding.”

Ellen Schull, Editor, Palo Alto Review

"I am very pleased to be publishing your fine work." 

Vivian Shipley, Editor, Connecticut Review

“A race fan myself, I enjoyed the piece.  It has style, bounce, and great imagery.” 

Daphne Young, Editor, Rainbow Curve

“The prose is excellent and the technical language delivers authenticity.”

Epoch, Cornell University

      "We're a fan of yours."                                                

  MMM Hayes, Editor, Story Quarterly

“Your work has a distinctive voice.

Nancy Zafris, Fiction Editor, Kenyon Review

“Yours is a voice that will be heard.” 

Sidney England, Editor, Pikeville Review  

"Very well done."  

  J.W. McCormack, Senior Editor, Conjunctions

"I am moved by this narrative.  There is a real sense of youth and growth and a need to escape and transcend that is very affecting and makes one believe in the human spirit."

William Reiss, John Hawkins & Associates, New York

"You write very well.  I loved how the characters stood out.  The writing is fresh and vigorous."

Tiffany Richards, Janklow & Nesbit Associates, New York

"I really admire your writing.  I see a lot of talent.  The story is full of wonderful lucious imagery."

Lorin Rees, Helen Rees Agency, Boston